What our clients say

“Better than I could have imagined”

James was a pleasure to work with for the site build for our end of year student work exhibition. He communicated clearly with us about what was required and was proactive in showing us what was required to make the site more user friendly. The site was better than I could have imagined and I was very happy with the end result. I look forward to working with James in the future.

Sara Baker
School Administration Officer
School of Engineering, Design & Built Environment
Western Sydney University
“Highly knowledgeable”

...I would highly recommend James as he is highly knowledgeable and a dedicated professional. He is well versed in providing any expertise necessary for any digital problems that companies face”

Pramod Jairaj
Senior Business Analyst
“Highly solution driven”

James is a highly solution driven professional with an ability to understand the needs of his clients and deliver effective tools that sync seamlessly with business requirements while improving efficiencies...

Maher Chowdhury
Treasury Analyst
“Pleasure to work with”

James and team at Ark360 are a pleasure to work with. Efficient in communication from the get go and understood what we wanted before we even said it. James built a beautiful and functioning website and virtual gallery for our exhibition showcase which exceeded expectations. Our deadlines and timeframes were tight but James and team made everything a breeze. Will always be coming back for more work of this nature. Highly recommend.

Wendy Pham
Engagement & Marketing
School of Engineering, Design & Built Environment
Western Sydney University
“Cutting edge of leadership”

James was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at Mirvac. He thinks on the cutting edge of leadership, teamwork, planning. James leads by example and many people at Mirvac find his enthusiasm & dedication both inspiring and motivating. Result driven, experienced and efficient team player.

I would strongly recommend him for O365 and SharePoint suite consulting and system implementations. Thanks for all your efforts and hard work when you were with us at Mirvac. Nice to work with you..!!

Deepak Karmegam
Senior BA & Chapter Lead
“Very professional and smooth”

We worked with James and the Ark360 team on delivering an innovative solution to the end of year student exhibition for Western Sydney University. The outcome was a sleek website and a virtual gallery space displaying our student work. They also assisted in the online event in creating a demo on how to navigate around the virtual gallery space.

The execution was very professional and smooth, utilising a few online tools to manage the project. Communication between our team and Ark360 was easy with regular weekly meetings to highlight any outstanding tasks and updates. I would recommend James and his team to execute any digital solutions.

Mabel Joe
Community Engagement
School of Engineering, Design & Built Environment
Western Sydney University

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "low/no code" mean?

Our approach is so innovative, it's a game changer. Using the latest software development platforms and visual design techniques we can build amazing digital solutions in record speed with no-code or low code platforms that have been proven to be just as good if not better than traditional development.

No matter what you call them - these are technologies used by companies across all industries who need an effective way of building software quickly at scale.

Why is low code the future?

We don't need to have our developers build your project from scratch, so we can complete it at a fraction of the time and cost.

Our developers are empowered with acceleration tools and platforms that help build solutions much faster with less risk. Less time = less cost.

Traditional development could cost anywhere from $50k up to $100k+ depending on the scope. Our solutions can be designed and built faster, and with training can be maintained by you directly.

How do you work?

Communication: The most important thing about working together successfully is talking. If there's a problem, let us know and we can come up with a solution. This goes both ways. As long as we can express concerns, we should be good. We suggest weekly or fortnightly check-ins to discuss progress and factor in any feedback from design, development.

Collaboration: This project is a mutual relationship of respect and trust. In fact, we work best when we know we're trusted. So we will dedicate the necessary time to deeply understand your cause and how we can support you. Your input is crucial for our collaboration and ensures the best possible outcome to the work and the project.

How much do you charge?

We keep your budget in mind. We charge a flat monthly fee for unlimited projects, so you know exactly how much it will cost before we begin working together to build your solution.

No long term contracts, cancel or put on hold anytime once the projects you want completed is done. We provide an estimated roadmap of each project you submit so you get a sense of deliverables and timeframes of completion based on discovery.

All monthly costs for any tools/services used during construction and operation of the solution will be transparently disclosed.

How much faster can I get something launched?

Imagine days/weeks, not months/years.

What kind of software can you build?

Our team is capable of building websites, web apps and mobile applications. We can also help you automate your business operations using dynamic forms and workflows to modernise the way you work.

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