About Us

Don’t have Google's talent, Netflix's culture, Spotify's agile team or a large bank's budget? Building software is too hard, there are too few developers and the business environment changes faster than the software and systems that customers count on.

To close the gap, we help deliver value fast using a smarter strategy, simplified operations and low code platforms to acclerate software development. Using low code platforms, we can help you rapidly design, build and manage your software.

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Our Story

ARK360 strives to bring technology into businesses in a way that creates maximum value. We have seen how some companies embark on complex and time-consuming digital transformation projects, so ARK360 has been founded as an alternative for them with our simpler but more effective system of delivering software solutions without sacrificing quality.

We are on a mission to build the next generation digital agency by bringing solutions to life faster, securely and future-proof powered by modern low code platforms and toolings.

“Our goal is to build the next generation digital agency”
James Park
CEO & Founder

Our Values

We believe a business should be more than just a money making venture and we want to do work differently. Our values reflect our belief that businesses can and should be a positive presence in the community and the world we live in.

Keep It Real

We mean what we say and say what we mean. We strive to do things the right and honest way even though it might be the harder way.

Keep It Simple

We've all worked in places where the simplest of tasks are overcomplicated and over-engineered. We innovate by keeping things smart and lean.

Keep It Fun

We are always open to new and better ways to work and ensure we enjoy what we do, be a pleasure to work with and work in.

We help these roles build and launch solutions faster

CMO / VP of Marketing

Top-to bottom ownership of your marketing stack is becoming increasingly important, and you can't afford the luxury of waiting for IT support.

CTO / VP of Technology

Let's take a look at how low-code solutions can help your company. Forget about the plugins, bloat and security issues that come with traditional systems.


Shipping your MVP in days or weeks will give you a competitive edge over other startups, and getting funding from investors is easier for those who have market metrics